What are the insurance contract limits and exclusions?

Policyholder's age 18 - 64 years (up to 70 at renewal date).

90 days except for 10+ employees mandatory groups.

Any dental treatment undertaken within the waiting period or any treatments or procedures not included in the list of eligible treatments in section 16 of the contract terms and conditions.

Cover is not for the treatments to replace the teeth which were already missing on or prior to your policy start date or were extracted during the waiting period.

Dental treatment carried out by a dentist outside of the EU or EEA.

Repeat of prosthetic work.

Pre-authorisation of certain treatments are requested in order to be covered by the Cavitas dental insurance policy.

All kinds of cosmetic treatment.

All kinds of preventive treatment including regular examinations by a dentist, dental hygienist procedures such as prophylactic cleaning, application of fluoride etc. This also applies to non-surgical periodontal treatments such as deep cleanings (scaling and root planing).

Treatment in which there is no evidence to perform the treatment, or where the treatment has been carried out to an extent or at a cost that is considered more than reasonable and necessary from an objective dental professional point of view.

Costs for treatments reimbursed or covered by the public health insurance or Sygeforsikringen "danmark" (Health Insurance "danmark" association).

Full list of exclusions is listed in point 4 of the Cavitas dental insurance terms and conditions.