What does Cavitas dental insurance cover?

The purpose of Cavitas dental insurance cover is to reimburse the costs of dental treatment that you receive, up to the individual treatment limits and category limits included in the list of eligible treatments, during the insurance period.

Cavitas dental insurance covers the list of eligible treatments like diagnostics and X-rays, anesthetics and sedation, fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery, diagnosis of periodontitis and surgical periodontal treatment, mouth guards and splints, crowns, bridges and dentures, implants.

Cavitas dental insurance cover is applicable to persons who are 18 – 64 years old on the start date of the insurance contract and up to 70 years old in case of consecutive renewal.

Cavitas dental insurance cover is eligible for insured persons domiciled in Denmark and who are a member of the Danish National Insurance when the insurance event occurs.

Cavitas dental insurance cover only applies to the teeth that you have in the mouth at the time of joining. Treatment means the replacement of the teeth removed before joining is not covered by insurance.

In order to receive insurance cover, you can turn to any dental practitioner holding current registration with the Danish Dental Association and licensed to practice in Denmark and, in the event of treatment abroad to dentists suitably qualified and licensed to practice in EU/EEA member state.

The Cavitas dental insurance policy has a waiting period of 90 days except for 10+ employees mandatory groups.

Certain treatments are not covered unless authorised by the claims administrator before treatment commences. These are:
a) Crowns of multiple teeth
b) Bridge(s)
c) Denture(s)
d) Implant(s) - including bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures