Frequently asked questions


To join to dental insurance do I need to provide status of my teeth?

No, you don’t have to provide it. Everybody in the age from 18 to 64 can join to dental insurance despite of status of the teeth.

Does my insurance premium depend on my health status of the teeth?

No, it does not. Your insurance premium is dependent on your age.

Hvad betyder karensperiode?

Karensperioden regnes i dage fra tegningen af forsikringen, hvor der ikke betales erstatning for forsikringssager. Det betyder, at du selv skal dække de udgifter, der er til tandbehandling under karensperioden.

Can I join to dental insurance if tooth/some teeth has been removed?

Yes, you can but dental insurance would not cover the replacement of that tooth or these teeth with the implant, bridge or denture.

Can I join insurance immediately or I need to wait for the offer first?

You can sign up immediately by selecting the appropriate payment method (in 1 or 12 parts) and the insurance package that suits you and by confirming your choice by clicking on the “JOIN AND PAY HERE” link. Before joining dental insurance, be sure to read the terms and conditions here and be sure they match your insurance interest.

To receive dental insurance benefits do I need to go to only certain dental clinics?

No, you can get dental insurance benefits at your regular (favourite) dental clinic.

Would dental insurance compensate the filling of my teeth?

If you have joined to insurance and your dentist is doing filling during the waiting period (90 days from the commencement ) then insurance would not cover this treatmeInsuranceance would cover your fillings made after waiting period, 1 filling per tooth per 2 years.

In which dental clinics I can get dental insurance benefits?

In any dental clinic in Denmark where you want to receive your dental insurance cover and in case of routine treatment cover also at the licensed dentist in EU/EAA member state.

Can I pay insurance premium for another person?

Unless you are a dentist you can pay an insurance premium for yourself, for your parents, for your children or for your friends with your bank card.

Are cleaning/polishing/covering with protective varnish covered by the dental insurance?

No, these procedures are so-called beauty or cosmetic procedures which are excluded by dental insurance terms.